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Science should inform forest management, not industry

Google Science Feeds - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 23:55
As the wildfires die down, and the smoke finally begins to clear, there are plenty of questions left behind. How did these fires make it so close to the valley? What caused them to move so quickly? What can we do to stop them in the future? The timber industry ...

The Great Conjunction of 2020: Jupiter and Saturn sky show this fall

Google Science Feeds - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 23:40
On September 23, 24, 25 and 26, 2020, look for the moon in the evening sky, and it'll guide you to Jupiter and Saturn, our solar system's two biggest gas giant planets. Given clear skies, you can't miss these bright worlds. The moon is the second-brightest ...

URI cancels spring break due to 'uncertainty created by COVID-19'

Google Science Feeds - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 23:33
SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WPRI) ─ With students' health and safety in mind, the Faculty Senate at the University of Rhode Island (URI) voted to eliminate this year's spring break. Without spring break, the university said spring classes will end one week early ...

Space Force OKs used SpaceX rockets for upcoming GPS satellite launches

Google Science Feeds - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 23:29
SpaceX can now launch national-security satellites with used rockets. Elon Musk's company just signed a contract modification with the U.S. Space Force that allows two upcoming GPS satellite launches to use Falcon 9 boosters with preflown first stages.

Crisp Hubble snapshot shows powerful new Jupiter storms

Google Science Feeds - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 23:00
Jupiter's stormy weather has always astonished astronomers: astronomers have captured evidence of ammonia-laden hail during thunderstorms, and its gassy landscape is the perfect environment to brew violent, giant storms that can last for centuries. Now ...

Coronavirus: UK pledges £500m to global vaccine-sharing scheme

Health News BBC - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 22:35
The PM will call on world leaders to set aside differences as he sets out plans to prevent future pandemics.

FBI offers $10000 reward for GirlsDoPorn mastermind Michael Pratt

Google Science Feeds - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 22:29
The FBI is intensifying its worldwide search for Michael James Pratt, the New Zealand-born pornographer who created the controversial GirlsDoPorn website while living in the San Diego area. This week the FBI announced a $10,000 reward for information ...

Have an idea for powering NASA on the moon? You could win $5 million.

Google Science Feeds - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 22:11
If NASA goes back to the moon in 2024 like planned, it's going to need a lot of energy. NASA's Artemis program plans to land a man and woman on the moon's South Pole for humanity's first time on the lunar surface since 1972. The mission is to both explore ...

FDLE Arrests Cape Canaveral Man For Multimillion Dollar Ponzi Scheme

Google Science Feeds - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 22:08
CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida – The Florida Department of Law Enforcement arrested David Wade Watson, 62, of 8211 Presidential Court, Cape Canaveral, and Rajshree Patel, 45, of 2670 Concord Road, Deland, on charges of organized scheme to defraud ...

Space Force to start flying on reused SpaceX rockets

Google Science Feeds - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 21:42
Sept. 25 (UPI) -- The U.S. Space Force will start to fly missions on reused SpaceX rockets next year to save millions of dollars, the service announced Friday. Advertisement. The Space Force will fly two GPS satellites into orbit on a Falcon 9 first-stage booster.

NASA delays Dragonfly launch by a year

Google Science Feeds - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 21:29
WASHINGTON — NASA has delayed the launch of a mission to Saturn's moon Titan by a year, citing budget challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic. In a Sept. 25 statement, NASA said the Dragonfly mission, which had been scheduled to launch in ...

Who is Dr Anthony Fauci? All you need to know about expert ahead of Late Late Show chat with Ryan Tubridy

Google Science Feeds - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 21:20
Dr Fauci is an American physician and immunoligists who has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases (NIAID) since 1984. Promoted Stories.

NASA report says it has big economic impact on Florida

Google Science Feeds - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 21:18
It's official: NASA brings big bucks to the state of Florida. On Friday, the agency released its first-ever agency wide economic impact report. According to the report, 43 states receive an economic impact of more than $10 million. Of those 43 states, eight have ...

SpaceX fires up in-space version of Starship's Raptor engine for 1st time (video)

Google Science Feeds - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 21:16
An important piece of SpaceX's new Starship megarocket just got its first workout. The first vacuum Raptor — the in-space version of Starship's Raptor engine — blazed up in a debut test at SpaceX's development facility in McGregor, Texas, company ...

NASA's new $23 million space toilet is ready for launch

Google Science Feeds - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 21:16
NASA is launching a new space toilet to the International Space Station next week for astronauts to test out before it's used on future missions to the moon or Mars. The $23 million toilet system, known as the Universal Waste Management System (UWMS), ...

Scientists call silk the best material for making masks for coronavirus

Google Science Feeds - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 20:49
Scientists have tested the properties of silk and named it the best material for making masks in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. The work was carried out by American specialists representing the University of California at Riverside. Scientists named silk ...

NASA astronaut plans to cast her ballot from space station

Google Science Feeds - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 20:38
NASA astronaut Kate Rubins told The Associated Press on Friday that she plans to cast her next vote from space – more than 200 miles above Earth. By. ALEX SANZ Associated Press. September 25, 2020, 12:33 PM. • 2 min read. Share to Facebook Share to ...

Paradox-Free Time Travel is Mathematically Possible: Study

Google Science Feeds - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 20:33
Time travel with free will is logically possible in our Universe without any paradox, according to new research from the University of Queensland. Physicists seek to understand the underlying laws of the Universe. Image credit: Johnson Martin. “Classical ...

Pendragon Review – History Repeating

Game Spot Reviews - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 20:00

Legends are slippery things. One tells of Arthur, the once and future King of Britain who united the realm against the Saxon invaders. Where historical fact is elusive, literary fancy has imagined Arthur's idyllic court of Camelot, its chambers populated with knights, wizards, and witches, its halls reverberating with chivalry, romance, and betrayal. In exploring the legend of Arthur, Pendragon mixes interactive fiction and tactical combat within a short-form roguelike structure to tell myriad tales. As a study of how myths are formed from countless half-truths, it's effective. But as a narrative journey, it feels slight, its more admirable efforts undermined by repetition and an uneasy relationship with combat.

In this particular rendition of Arthurian legend, the story always begins in 673 A.D., about a week before Arthur reaches the castle of Camlann to face his son, Mordred, whose challenge for the throne has ignited a civil war. Each time you roll a new game, you'll play as one of Arthur's court--his estranged wife Guinevere, her possible lover Sir Lancelot, the enigmatic Merlin, to name three of the more familiar characters--dashing across Britain to aid the king in the climactic showdown. En route, you will run into characters that you can convince to ride with your banner, others you'll need to put to the sword, and an alarming number of wolves, snakes, giant spiders, and rats to fight or flee from. Though rest and rations will help the wounded recover, all members of your party--even your starting character--can die permanently, and the journey is over if everyone falls in battle. A complete run will typically take only 20-30 minutes, depending on how quickly you find Camlann.

The rapid turnaround of a run serves to highlight the dynamic nature of Pendragon's storytelling. By embarking on a new journey, you'll quickly find yourself exploring a reconfigured map, discovering new locations and story events, and accumulating alternate perspectives on the core myths of the land. And the game does a remarkable job tying together the many disparate narrative threads you can follow throughout one run. In one run, I began as Morgana Le Fay before meeting and recruiting Guinevere. Morgana was later wounded in battle while Guinevere fled, leaving me to play on as the latter. By the time I reached Camlann, Guinevere too had perished and so I ended up facing Mordred's knights with just Arthur's brother, Sir Kay, and a strong-armed peasant blacksmith in tow. What's impressive is that the dialogue doesn't miss a beat; conversations feel coherent and reactive to whatever choice and chaos has occurred along the way.

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Birds in San Francisco started singing differently in the silence of the pandemic shutdown

Google Science Feeds - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 19:33
Before, urban white-crowned sparrow's breeding territories were almost three times as loud as rural territories, the study found. But during the pandemic, researchers noted that noise levels in urban areas were drastically lower. In fact, they were consistent with ...


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