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Astronaut Thanksgiving 2020: What Does It Look Like to Celebrate in Space?

3 hours 18 min ago
Being an astronaut does have its perks and takeaways and with Thanksgiving here, it's particularly interesting to discover just "what does an astronaut Thanksgiving (2020) look like?" Well, while a lot of people spend Thanksgiving with their families, ...

Science News Roundup: SpaceX to press ahead with Starlink tests, delays commercial service; Egyptian inventor trials ...

3 hours 35 min ago
Scientists on Wednesday said the bird, called Falcatakely forsterae, possessed a face unlike any other known bird from the age of dinosaurs - the Mesozoic Era - not only because of the beak shape but because of its underlying anatomy. Reuters | Updated: ...

New 'smart' cell therapies show promise in solid tumours

3 hours 42 min ago
By combining machine learning and T-cell engineering researchers were able to develop cell therapies that can selectively and effectively target and destroy solid tumours. Red blobs (indicating T cells) surrounding and touching larger white blobs (acting as.

Artemis I Stacks Up: NASA Begins Assembling Massive SLS Rocket for Moon Mission

3 hours 52 min ago
Eight rocket motor segments for the first flight of NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) are lined up in preparation for stacking at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. As each segment completed processing, workers moved them to the surge bay at ...

Wombats glow in the dark! Scientists accidentally discover Australian marsupials have biofluorescent fur

4 hours 18 min ago
US researchers first discovered that a platypus glows when you shine UV light; This prompted Australian researchers to try a UV light out on other creatures; They found wombats, bilbies, possums and some bats also shine under UV light; Scientists don't yet ...

SpaceX Rockets Ahead of Boeing With Crew-1 Launch

4 hours 25 min ago
The current score: SpaceX 2, Boeing (NYSE:BA)0. At 11:01 p.m. EST on Nov. 17, approximately 27 hours after lifting off from Cape Canaveral, a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule carrying four astronauts docked with the International Space Station (ISS), marking ...

Catch the full moon (and a penumbral eclipse) on Monday

4 hours 30 min ago
Skywatchers admiring November's full moon will also get to see another treat: a penumbral eclipse, when the moon passes through Earth's outer shadow, on Monday, Nov. 30, according to NASA. The moon will be at its fullest for only a moment — on Monday, ...

Borexino experiment gathers critical data on how stars shine

4 hours 33 min ago
The Borexino scientific collaboration is an experiment at the Gran Sasso National Laboratories of the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics. Researchers on the project on November 25 announced the first-ever detection of neutrinos produced by the ...

Jupiter and Saturn to form rare 'double planet' for first time in 800 YEARS – how to see it for Christmas

4 hours 36 min ago
JUPITER and Saturn will come so close together next month they'll form a rare 'double planet' phenomenon that some are linking to doomsday. The last time humans could observe this event was back in the Middle Ages around 800 years ago on March 4, ...

Asteroid 2000 WO107 won't hit Earth but will just pass by on 29 November

5 hours 6 min ago
It was last officially observed on 13 January 2018 and after 29 November, it is again supposed to pass by Earth closely on 6 February 2031. FP TrendingNov 27, 2020 16:54:54 IST. An asteroid that is more than 800m high and over 500m wide is set to race ...

6 Dos & Don'ts During The Great Conjunction In Aquarius

5 hours 25 min ago
The dizzyingly crazy astrology of 2020 will have an epic finale on December 21, as that's when we'll experience the Great Conjunction in Aquarius, a rare cosmic event that hasn't taken place in hundreds of years. This powerful connection between cosmic ...

Elon Musk's satellites now streaming to some rural NB homes

5 hours 31 min ago
Public launch of service possible by mid-2021. Connell Smith · CBC News · Posted: Nov 27, 2020 7:00 AM AT | Last Updated: in 11 hours. Greg Rekounas tests download and upload speeds via his newly installed link to Starlink low earth orbit satellites (Greg ...

Exceptional challenges of bereavement during pandemic highlighted in interim findings

6 hours 8 min ago
Interim findings of a survey of people bereaved in the UK since March, led by researchers from the univerities of Bristol and Cardiff and the Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Centre, show the difficulties and distress experienced by those who have lost a ...

SpaceX creates new milestone in Falcon 9 reuse with Starlink launch

6 hours 12 min ago
The Falcon 9 rocket was launched from the Space Launch Complex 40 at Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at 9:13 p.m. Eastern. Its payload of 60 Starlink satellites was released into low Earth orbit just 15 minutes later.

Full Beaver Moon will appear next week - best time to see it from the UK

6 hours 17 min ago
If you're a fan of stargazing, make sure you mark Monday morning off in your diary. That day, a Full Beaver Moon is set to appear, and you don't want to miss it! The Full Beaver Moon will peak at around 09:30 GMT, but will appear full from this weekend, ...

European Space Agency inks deal to deploy massive space pincers to clean up orbit

6 hours 26 min ago
Catching a ride into space, satellite-style. Watch Now. The European Space Agency (ESA) has inked a deal with ClearSpace SA to clean up orbit with craft equipped with pincers designed to grab space junk.

Japan spacecraft carrying asteroid soil samples nears home

6 hours 45 min ago
TOKYO — A Japanese spacecraft is nearing Earth after a yearlong journey home from a distant asteroid with soil samples and data that could provide clues to the origins of the solar system, a space agency official said Friday. Support our journalism.

Researchers Discover Thousands of years Old Rare Whale Skeleton in Thailand

7 hours 11 min ago
The scientists believe that the recent discovery will help in research on sea levels and biodiversity. By Bhaswati Guha Majumder. November 27, 2020 17:20 +08. Video. Related Videos. More videos. Video Player is loading. 02:02. COPY LINK. Play. Mute.

Neanderthals may have used their hands differently from humans

7 hours 20 min ago
If you were to greet a Neanderthal with a handshake, it might feel a little awkward. The digits of the Stone Age people, who went extinct about 40,000 years ago, were much chunkier than ours. What's more, a Neanderthal's thumb would have stuck out from his ...

Neanderthals may have used their hands differently from humans

7 hours 25 min ago
(CNN) If you were to greet a Neanderthal with a handshake, it might feel a little awkward. The digits of the Stone Age people, who went extinct about 40,000 years ago, were much chunkier than ours. What's more, a Neanderthal's thumb would have stuck out ...